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Anton Haardt is a visual artist and writer, and has been an avid collector and dealer of Outsider and Self-taught Art for more than 25 years. Born in 1948, she grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, and received her B.F.A. degree in printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute.

The Anton Haardt Gallery, founded in Montgomery in 1980, focuses on paintings and sculpture by self-taught artists of the Deep South, specializing in vintage works by Mose Tolliver, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Juanita Rogers, and Sybil Gibson among others. Anton Haardt opened a brand new gallery on Magazine Street in New Orleans in October 2001.

The goal of this website is to expose folk and outsider art to a far larger audience, hopefully cultivating a new generation of collectors and enthusiasts, as well as better serving our present clients and customers.



Organized by artist Anton Haardt, this show features works by self-taught, better known as "outsider," artists including Mose Tolliver, Jimmie Lee Sudduth, Sybil Gibson, and Juanita Rogers. Saints, Haints, and Monsters is not only be a show of outsider artists, but combines curious heavenly statues, antique gargoyles, and folk art paintings and sculptures of boogey men and alien creatures. An eclectic blend of celestial visionary works--including Mexican retablos of saints being thanked for miraculous salvations from pregnancy, vampire bats, and clandestine lovers--is displayed aside other, more restless, imagery. Between the companions from heaven and hell is the uniquely Southern icon, the haint, often defined as an unwelcome spirit or ghost that haunts a specific house. To view this exhibition, visit the Anton Haardt Gallery at 2858 Magazine Street in New Orleans.


American Folk Artists from the Deep South

Anton Haardt has put together a traveling exhibition of some of the finest examples of American folk art from the Deep South. This exciting new show features works by most of the artists featured on this website and is now available for public exhibition under the most reasonable of terms. Anyone interested in sponsoring or scheduling this very special event should click this link.


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