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Last updated August 13, 2012

New Links to Some of Our Favorite Sites

Saturno Press - Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Saturno Press is an independent press specializing in eclectic publications about the deep south. Our press focuses on Folk Artists -- Outsider Artists who create because the spirit moves them. Their self-taught craft is raw. Their pure impulse to create is powerful and original.

SeeLouisiana.Com - Independent guides to Louisiana tourist destinations, attractions, B&Bs, hotels, lodging. Thousands of links and insider tips. The insider's travel guide for tourists to Louisiana.

NarrowLarry.Com - Narrow Larry's World of the Outstanding (explorations into the undisney). A very narrow guide to travel, great architecture, and visionary art with links to folk art environments in the united states.

Alabama Cultural Events Calendar - The Calendar of Arts and Cultural Events for the State of Alabama brought to you by Arts Over America and the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Alabama Folk Art - features assorted southern crafts, potpourri, great rustic frames and other goods. Good links section.

Frida Kahlo & Contemporary Thoughts - A very interesting Italian website devoted to the art and life of this legendary Mexican artist. Click here for Flash movie: "Frida e-motion".

House of Blues - New Orleans' hottest venue for folk art and music.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival - April 28 to May 7, 2006.

OutsiderArt.Net - a great resource for outsider artists and for those interested in selling their own art, and in finding the latest available outsider art online.

ArtPromote.Com - a great site for artist galleries on the web.

Professional-Artists.Com - excellent place to find paintings by a wide assortment of artists.

OnArt Global Artlinks Directory - large collection of artlinks to artists on the web. Space to submit your personal artwork and promote your art related website.

World Wide Artist Resources - a comprehensive listing of art resources on the web. Fine Art Marketplace, offering contemporary art, collectors fine art originals, quality arts information and the largest collection of art online.

VisualArtArray.Com - part of the central artist network. Visual Art Array is an online visual art gallery as well as an online community that allows artists to share their work and communicate with other members of the world artist community. Visual Art Array allows all artists to submit work for display in their online art gallery for free.

PromoteArtist.Com - a great site for promoting artists across the web. is a growing collection of articles on how artists can promote themselves online and use the internet to sell their art work.

Bill Swislow's Outsider Pages features one the most exhaustive collections of links to other Outsider websites. Also check out Swislow's Interesting Ideas, another helpful resource.

Raw Vision Magazine The international journal of visionary and intuitive art. Sample articles from their beautifully produced magazine.

Cosmic Ray Deflection Sociey Need we say more? This takes you straight to their page, "Folk Art Quest: The Search for the Outsiders". Be sure to see the rest of their site, too!

Visionary Art A well designed gallery and e-commerce site featuring numerous works by Southern Visionary and Self-Taught artists. A nice place to visit and do a little shopping.

Museums, Galleries, and Organizations
for Outsider and Folk Art

American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore "creates a place where the best of self-taught, intuitive contributions of all kinds will be duly recognized, explored, and then championed in a clear strong voice."

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art: Informative and lively site by the Chicago-based non-profit organization.

Folk Art Society of America is a non-profit organization which advocates the discovery, study, documentation, preservation and exhibition of folk art, folk artists and folk art environments.

The Museum of American Folk Art: New York Museum near Lincoln Center dedicated to exploring the diversity of American culture as expressed through folk art. Definitely worth a visit.

The Museum of International Folk Art: A Santa Fe Museum with a more European flavor.

San Francisco Craft & Folk Art Museum.

Donna Kossy's Kooks Museum: Originally a small 'zine devoted to the weirdest of the weird, now a lovely site with lots of interesting links to amazing artists.

The Lynch Collection of Outsider Art at North Carolina Wesleyan College. A well-designed page of brief artist profiles, artwork, and text.

De Stadshof: A small site for the Dutch museum of outsider and naive art.

San Angel Folk Art Gallery: Great site featuring southwestern folk art and other eclectic pieces.

Weathervane Folk Art: Georgia gallery featuring primitive art, Southern art, and visionary artits are represented at this site. Nice layout and interesting works.

Folk Art Net: Gallery of various folk artists, antique paintings, and sculptures.

Art Channel: Extensive site of art links, from folk art to contemporary ton classicism.

ArtListings: Another site with dozens of links to art galleries and artists.

Alabama State Council on the Arts: Excellent resource for anything related to arts happenings in Alabama. Articles and links to galleries and artists.

Southern Heart Gallery: Great assortment of Southern folk art and original works by Barbara Thibodeaux.

Rosehips Folk Art Gallery: Gallery featuring assortment of Southern folk art, folk pottery, and eclectic pieces by Southern artists.

Beverly Kaye Gallery: Features folk art and outsider art.

Articles, Discussions & Educational Resources

Look OUT! Perspectives on Outsider Art in America: 25th Annual Symposium on American Art.

Voices of Reason, The Lotos Leaves, Art Vision Int'l: Outsider Art l'art brut...uncivilized freedom Written by Fergus Foley "I want to replace Western art with that of the jungle, the lavatory, the mental institution--l'art brut".

Artists With Pages On The Web

Sybil Gibson One of the best sites on the web to browse the collected works of the late Sybil Gibson. Operated and maintained by her daughter Theresa.

Howard Finster

Paul Laffoley's astoundingly complex visionary art.

Robert Roberg's Home Page apocalyptic folk art inclduing stories and poetry.

Lee Godey exhibition, part of the BIT Blank Institute of Technology.

Gene Beecher A self-taught Florida painter.

Erminio Aili An Australian artist with an elaborate single-artist Web site.

Spot Daniel

J.P. Scott builds boat constructions in Lafitte, La.

Rick Ladd Bottle-cap constructions by a trained artist which owe a lot to anonymous tramp and bottle-cap art, and his work was included in Intuit's bottle-cap show in 1994.

Reginald K. Gee: Paper bag images.

Nall: Great site featuring wonderful original works by Nall as well as a feature exhibit on Alabama.

Environments and Installations

Fred Smith's Wisconsin Concrete Park in Phillips, Wisconsin, is an astonishing environment.

The Orange Show, Jeff McKissack's monument to good health and nutrition. A grand Texas environment.

Q.J. Stephenson's environment displayed by the The Raleigh News and Observer

Grottos of the American Midwest from Susan Niles includes visits to the The Dickeyville Grotto and other important Wisconsin environments.

Holy Land USA in Connecticut is in a state of decay, but you can still see it at Khyal Braun's site.

Coral CastleEnvrionment in Florida. See also: an illustrated article from about Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the Castle, and relevant materials from Judith Paulson.

A visit to Vollis Simpson's windmill masterpiece.

The Orange Show: One of the country's most important environments.

Roadside Architecture: The Minnesota Historical Society's site includes an amazing catalog of the state's eccentric roadside architecture.

New Jersey Online: Roadside Art.

Other Interesting Websites

Blue Highway Tributes to the great blues musicians. Photographs, sound clips, essays and links devoted to the blues and African American culture, from the Delta and beyond...

American Folklife Center at the at the Library of Congress. Provides collections, programs, and services that support folklife research in all fifty states.

The Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Southern Register Newsletter of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi.

Hospital Audiences Inc. features art by "mentally ill New Yorkers who have spent as much as 25 years in state mental institutions before returning to live in the community."

ZiZo part of the Dentz Foundation, which "offers daytime occupation for mentally handicapped people in the province of Utrecht."

Folklore: An Introduction Academic materials on folklore, material culture and related issues, ranging from a definition of folk art to recountings of urban myths.

Art-Environs Links related to environmental art, including some of the outsider variety. There also is a signup for a listserv devoted to environmental art.

Hardy Marks Publications Offering publications about tattoo art, outsider art, the world of Don Ed Hardy, tattoo master/artist and many weirdly great books for sale.

David Crotty's Self-Taught Folk Art Site. An interesting collection of information and opinion featuring works by Mose Tolliver, Howard Finster, Richard Burnside, Benny Carter, B.F. Perkins, James Harold Jennings and numerous others.

YA'LL: Bozarts: Black Culture in the South. Articles and links related to African American Studies in the South.

Woman Traveler A great place for women travelers to explore the multitude of destinations catering to the special needs and desires of women.

The Southern Sampler: Wonderful online magazine featuring alternative news and eclectic info on happenings throughout the South.

The-Artists.Org: Major modern & contemporary visual artists. Each artist with portrait, brief biography, links to articles, essays and interviews; original art, limited edition artprints, photography and posters, multimedia and artist's books.

Art Discover: Art Discover is a place dedicated to art lovers and emerging contemporary artists.

Zeroland: A comprehensive arts portal of information on the web. Site is from New Zealand and links arts by country, culture and region. An internet gallery featuring New Orleans and Gulf Coast artists. Original paintings, prints and fine art photography.

Yall - the Magazine of Southern People: A great online magazine.

Janesaddictions.Com: A great page for all types of resources for Southern Folk Art, Outsider Art and related areas of interest.

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